IFRS “Mars Food Security” 11.27.2021

This week on the IFRS… what would happen if an insect hitchhiked onto a manned mars mission and started destroying crops? The USDA looks at that interesting question, plus the drought’s impact on

IFRS “Gratitude” 11.20.2021

This week on the IFRS.. So you have a turkey in your freezer and it might be a year old — or more… is it still ok to eat? We’ll answer that question for you. And the United States is working

IFRS “Food Inflation” 11.13.2021

This week on the IFRS, the state is now issuing hemp licenses for growers, and we’ll tell you how that works, plus Idaho gets a shoutout from a big name actor, and a close look at the drought situation

IFRS “Winter Weather Outlook” 11.6.2021

This week on the IFRS, the winter weather oulook is mixed for the country, but we’ll have those details coming up. And we go to Mica Creek with the Idaho Farm Bureau for a look at a new restoration

IFRS “Snowpack!” 10.30.2021

This week on the IFRS, pumpkin hunting time again in the Gate City, and the Idaho FB has a report, plus the Idaho Potato Commission has a new CEO. And some nice heavy storms pass through the gem state

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