IFRS “Dairy in crisis” 4.11.2020

Dairy prices drop to crisis levels in pandemic. Alternative crops with the USDA. Interview with IDA’s Rick Naerabout. Ben Eborn’s livestock market report. How Idaho’s ag community is stepping up to help alleviate hunger during the difficult pandemic economy. Idahoan Foods is hiring.

IFRS “Beef uncertainty” 4.4.2011

The beef and cattle markets show uncertainty in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Potato/dairy also uncertain… A winery in Buhl steps up to help alleviate the hand sanitizer shortage. Ben Eborn’s livestock market report. Some relief in the H2A program.

IFRS “Work goes on” 3.28.2020

Farmers keep working to make sure America is fed through the Coronavirus pandemic. Beef prices are up, cattle prices steady. And flooding may be a concern with rising temperatures. Ben Eborn has the livestock market report.

IFRS “Rural broadband importance” 3.21.2020

The growing importance of broadband internet access in rural communities. The need for additional immigrant labor. Basics that beginning Cattle producers should know. Ben Eborn’s livestock market report.

IFRS “Idaho Dairy Prices Soften” 3.7.2020

Coronavirus slows Idaho’s ag trade. Idaho’s dairy prices soften. Turning beer making waste into food. Livestock Market Report. Update on China Trade. High demand for beekeeping kits. Market Facilitation Program not likely to continue this year. Hemp Update.

IFRS “Right to Repair” 2.8.2020

Right to repair movement in Idaho. Hemp production legislative update. We’ll check in with Sean Ellis for a rundown. And new dietary guidelines are coming… and it’s a big job to make it happen. We also will hear from Ben Eborn with the livestock market report.

IFRS “Hemp Round 3” 2.1.2020

IFRS Rundown: INTERVIEW: Rep. Dorothy Moon discussing her effort to legalize hemp in Idaho. AFBF: WOTUS Replacement a good move for America’s Farmers. USDA: Pear Crop. USMCA ratified by President Trump. National Soil Data Network. Ag Perspective of Naviagable Waters Rule. Innovative Program to Combat Rural Opioid Crisis.

IFRS “Trump Rocks Austin” 1.25.2020

IFRS: Ag Expo and Potato Conference. Ben Eborn’s livestock market report. Update on Guthrie Illegal Immigrant driving proposal. Rep. Mike Simpson on new EPA Water Rule. Idaho Farm Bureau: Interview with Sean Ellis on ag output by Congressional district in Idaho. American Farm Bureau: “Flint” named as farm dog of the year. HydroSideLLC Wins innovation…