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IFRS “Potatoes to Mexico” 9.12.2020

Crapo & Risch push for more potato exports to Mexico. Pasture condition update. More ag covid relief? More features at farmers.gov. Farmers election toolkit from AFBF. La Nina arrives. Farm-to-retail price spread widens. Higher 2020 farm forecast. Idaho Sod Tour. Farm Auction as a Succession Planning Tool.

IFRS “Hemp Rules” 11.2.2019

Idaho Farm and Ranch Show rundown: IDAHO FARM BUREAU – Blackfoot cowboy Chet Nicholas’ custom stirrups. WATCH AFBF – Hemp Rules Update, EPA’s RFP proposal falls short SENATOR JIM RISCH – Discusses the Dairy Pride Act — truth in dairy advertising. Comments on Congressman Mike Simpson’s ag labor/immigration proposal. USDA…