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IFRS “Idaho Dairy Prices Soften” 3.7.2020

Coronavirus slows Idaho’s ag trade. Idaho’s dairy prices soften. Turning beer making waste into food. Livestock Market Report. Update on China Trade. High demand for beekeeping kits. Market Facilitation Program not likely to continue this year. Hemp Update.

IFRS “Right to Repair” 2.8.2020

Right to repair movement in Idaho. Hemp production legislative update. We’ll check in with Sean Ellis for a rundown. And new dietary guidelines are coming… and it’s a big job to make it happen. We also will hear from Ben Eborn with the livestock market report.

IFRS “Hemp Round 3” 2.1.2020

IFRS Rundown: INTERVIEW: Rep. Dorothy Moon discussing her effort to legalize hemp in Idaho. AFBF: WOTUS Replacement a good move for America’s Farmers. USDA: Pear Crop. USMCA ratified by President Trump. National Soil Data Network. Ag Perspective of Naviagable Waters Rule. Innovative Program to Combat Rural Opioid Crisis.

IFRS “Western Water Season” 1.18.2020

IFRS Rundown: Interview with State Senator Jim Guthrie on his plan (since shelved) to extend driving privilegs to illegal immigrants. Senator Crapo on the USMCA. Idaho Farm Bureau: What farmers do in the off-season. What is the “Shade Rule”? USDA: USMCA Ratified. Phase 1 of China Deal ratified. Western Snowpack…

IFRS “Hemp Rules” 11.2.2019

Idaho Farm and Ranch Show rundown: IDAHO FARM BUREAU – Blackfoot cowboy Chet Nicholas’ custom stirrups. WATCH AFBF – Hemp Rules Update, EPA’s RFP proposal falls short SENATOR JIM RISCH – Discusses the Dairy Pride Act — truth in dairy advertising. Comments on Congressman Mike Simpson’s ag labor/immigration proposal. USDA…